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The Spot Family Center

The Spot Family Center

Changing the Face of Our Community

Children Playing The Spot Family Center (also known as The Spot) is a safe place to receive guidance, strength and support. Our participants preserve and deepen their relationships finding their way back on track, to God and to each other.

The Spot activities are available to all regardless of socioeconomic background, race, religion or creed.

Our Services Are Relevant and Proactive

Forklift We put guidance, love and acceptance back into the faces of our community through listening, teaching, participation and change.

We listen

Professional and pastoral counseling is available. Our stimulating programs assist community and church organizations. By combining our mission and our resources with such organizations, we are able to form a more concentrated effort to help the youth of our community.

We teach

The Spot is a resource for instruction and guidance for:

  • Parents - through counseling, parent workshops, biblically based family planning, financial counseling, childcare
  • Youth - by offering biblical and academic early childhood development classes featuring puppets, storybooks, videos, etc.; after-school academic tutoring and programs; organized sports; arts programs; job placement assistance; and collaborative youth group events working with churches and public organizations

We participate

Christmas Present The Spot builds opportunities for youths to become more involved in community education and participation activities. We broaden life experiences through a network of schools, court system agencies, recovery and health care systems, police and other public outreach programs.

We change

Between today and tomorrow, over 100,000 students will bring a weapon to school. The Spot seeks to turn kids away from fear and self-destructive influences through life-changing programs:

  • Abstinence programs - 10% of all 15- to 19-year-old females become pregnant each year
  • STD prevention - Three million new cases of STDs among teens are reported each year
  • Violence and crime prevention among teens- Over 1,000 each year will be killed by guns before age 20
  • Prevention from the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco - 50% of all rapes involve alcohol
  • Suicide intervention - Every 100 minutes another young person commits suicide
We have many services, but our focus is simple: to pull our community together through the growth and restoration of our youths and families. Our reach extends throughout Florida.

Your Support and Strength Make the Difference

Our hopes and goals for our community are the same as yours. We all want to see love, faith and security in the faces of our children, but we can't do it without you. We who are dedicated to making The Spot a success have the drive, the integrity and the vision to make it happen. However, it's through different kinds of support from local businesses, corporations, foundations, government programs, various organizations and individual donations that we are able to truly improve the lives of the families of our community.

The SPOT Family Center has become Citrus County's largest and most effective community events charity. In 2012 alone The SPOT has distributed over 126,000 pounds of groceries and toiletries, four tons of clothing, more than 4,000 Christmas gifts, and 7,200 hot meals in 2012 alone.

Contact Us

Mailing Address
The Spot Family Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 2046
Lecanto, FL

Crystal River Corporate location
405 SE 7th Ave
Crystal River, FL 34429

Phone: 352-212-4851